Recognition for efforts to promote equality, diversity and inclusion

Listing in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the third consecutive year.

Grifols continues to make progress on its corporate governance commitments

Thomas Glanzmann is appointed as Grifols’ Executive President and CEO; Raimon Grifols Roura as Chief Corporate Officer and Vice Chairperson of the Board; and Víctor Grifols Deu as Chief Operating Officer. Víctor Grifols Roura was named as an honorary chairperson following his retirement from Grifols’ Board of Directors. .

Distinction among the world’s most sustainable companies.

Inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World for the third consecutive year and DJSI Europe for the fourth consecutive year.

Grifols following a clear roadmap to separate management and ownership

This carefully planned transition will culminate in 2024* following the company’s complete post-pandemic recovery.

**For further details, see the OIR sent on February 5, 2024.

Strategic alliance reached with Haier Group and divesture of 20% stake in Shanghai RAAS for USD 1,800 million

Revenues will be allocated to reduce debt; Grifols maintains a significant share of Shanghai RAAS and renews its exclusive distribution agreement for albumin.

Grifols receives FDA approval for expanded IVIG purification and filling plant at its Clayton manufacturing campus

Grifols increases its Gamunex®production capacity to 60 million grams and continues its efforts to obtain FDA clearance for Xembify (SCIG).

Global collaboration and licensing agreement signed with Selagine

This alliance will facilitate the development of an immunoglobulin eye drop to treat dry eye disease, which affects over 100 million people worldwide.

Araclon Biotech presents positive phase II clinical trial results for its Alzheimer’s vaccine at CTAD

Findings confirm the vaccine’s safety, tolerability and robust immune response in early-stage Alzheimer’s patients.

EU market launch of Xembify®

Spain became the first EU market to offer Grifols’ SCIG, with plans to expand to other European countries in 2024; the product has been available in the U.S. market since 2019.

Grifols’ U.S. launch of AlphaID™ At Home, a free home-care test to detect the genetic risk of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AADT)

Results from a small sample of saliva, avoiding the need to visit a healthcare professional to discern the risk of AADT.

Successful execution of an operational improvement plan, leading to annualized cash cost savings of more than USD 450 million

The plan included optimizing plasma costs and operations, streamlining corporate functions and other initiatives to drive greater organizational efficiency.

Grifols subsidiary GigaGen joins forces with the National Cancer Institute to develop its first oncology candidate, GIGA-564

GIGA-564 already received FDA approval as an IND.

Grifols expands in Egypt

PPTA certifies Grifols Egypt’s first plasma donation centers under the International Plasma Quality Program (IQPP). The first medicines produced with Egyptian plasma have already been delivered to the country.

Agreement with Canadian Plasma Resources to boost the country’s self-sufficiency of immunoglobulins

Includes the acquisition and opening of new plasma donor centers and collaborations with the Canadian Blood Services to increase the country’s supply of plasma.