Grifols is committed to advancing positive social impact. The company proactively engages with the communities it operates in to enhance the multiplier effect of our activity in terms of job creation, socio-economic impact, and social benefit. Grifols’ foundations extend its social reach and contributions to improve society and making healthcare systems more sustainable.

Total contributions in 2023

million euros

23.8 million including Biotest

Product donations

million euros

Patient organizations and associations

million euros

Scientific awards, research and education

million euros

Special projects, sponsorships and others

million euros

Social action and community investment

million euros


million euros

Total contributions in 2023

million euros

More details on product donations and contributions to patient organizations and programs: “Donors and Patients”.
More information on scientific awards and research initiatives: “Innovation”.
Breakdown of Grifols’ value creation: “Sustainable Growth”.

Social action

The principles and guidelines in Grifols’ Sustainability Policy inform its Corporate Social Action and Community Investment Policy, both of which fall under the umbrella of its Sustainability Master Plan.

Grifols’ social action supports the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by investing in initiatives that advance shared value and sustainable development. The company’s social action is carried out through Grifols foundations and Social Impact Committees.

All investment and donation decisions for social-impact activities are governed by Grifols Code of Conduct. Local committees follow specific procedures to guarantee the transparency of all activities and their alignment with Grifols’ corporate mission and Social Action and Community Investment Policy.

In 2023, Grifols grant committees collectively allocated over USD 400,000 to relative projects and initiatives.

Through the Probitas Foundation, Grifols coordinates initiatives and projects to increase access to treatments for vulnerable populations.

In addition, Grifols carries out social action initiatives linked to its commercial initiatives, linked to its strategy and commercial activity,to benefit the communities in which its plasma donors live, improveplasma donors live, to improve the conditions of the donors themselves and/or to donors themselves and/or plasma donation centers. These activities are carried out through the José Antonio Grifols Lucas Foundation.

No. of actions*

*Includes activities organized by Grifols plasma donation centers.

Subsidized initiatives




See Social Action and Community Investment Policy:

More details on the Probitas Foundation section.

More details on the J. A. Grifols Foundation section.

Grifols’ Social Impact Committees review and ensure the maximum rigor and transparency in its financial grants



Health and well-being

Increasing access to medical treatment and promoting healthy lifestyle habits

of initiatives


Local development

Promoting the development of local communities where Grifols operates through job creation and increased quality of life

of initiatives



Promoting educational equality and opportunities for today’s youth through grants, sponsorships and scholarships

of initiatives



Working to recover natural areas and highlight their importance through internal programs and collaborations with wildlife conservation associations

of initiatives

*Overview of subsidized initiatives excluding plasma center activities.

Support for Turkey and Syria: help for earthquake victims

Earthquakes caused widespread devastation in Turkey and Syria in 2023, leading to thousands of deaths, injuries and incidents of homelessness.

To support medical aid in the region, Grifols collaborated with Turkish authorities with donations of physiological saline solution, glucose, albumin and factor VIII, among other products. Through the Probitas Foundation, the company also channeled aid to Direct Relief, Save the Children and the Red Cross, organizations that were chosen for their ability to quickly deploy medical teams in the affected areas and provide shelter, food and water, and physical and mental healthcare support. Grifols also encouraged donations among its workforce by including a link to the Direct Relief and Probitas Foundation website from its employee portal.

Employees and donors contributed with more than $20,000.

Grifols matched the donations contributing with $30,000.

Humanitarian aid for Israel and Gaza

Grifols is collaborating with aid organizations in the region, including the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

1 Health and well-being

29% of the activities carried out and one of the main pillars of Grifols’ social action

Grifols supports and promotes activities to improve people’s health and well-being. In 2023, the company has increased the number of initiatives carried out, representing 26% compared to 21% in 2022.



For the fifth consecutive year, Grifols organized a food drive and fundraising campaign for Feeding America through the “Box Out Hunger” initiative, with the generous participation of U.S. employees and donors.

Support in 2023

1.5 M meals

USD 150,000



El Sereno Stallions Football and Cheer sports league offers after-school activities to keep oung people away from high-conflict environments and help them build their self-esteem. Grifols’ funds allow at-risk young people to participate at the lowest possible cost and, in some cases, free of charge.

Support in 2023

240 young people

USD 5,000


The campaign “Donate your Christmas basket to Twin Families,” driven among the company’s employees, has led to Grifols professionals donating their Christmas hampers in full or in part.

Support in 2023

153 volunteers

EUR 4,340


In the country’s southern region, the Food Bank of Australia assists over 135,000 people every month, many of them children from dependent and vulnerable homes. Grifols’ support provided for 10,000 meals and purchase a van to distribute donated food.

Support in 2023

USD 15,000


Donations of food and basic necessities to groups at risk of social exclusion in the Frankfurt area. The association serves over 27,000 people each month.

Support in 2023

EUR 5,000


Barrio Action promotes educational development and social integration of at-risk young people and their families. Grifols contributes to the education of beneficiaries through the donation of school supplies.

Support in 2023

54 volunteer hours

2 Local development

Grifols works to maximize its positive impact and opportunities in its communities of operation. Grifols plasma centers: engines of local development

Grifols’ firm commitment to donors and employees extends to the communities where they live. The company organizes community-outreach events, donations and volunteer activities both directly and through the José Antonio Grifols Lucas Foundation in its communities where Grifols sites are located.



Grifols and Habitat for Humanity have worked together since 2014 to provide safe, decent and healthy housing in communities in across the United States. In 2023, Grifols supported projects in San Gabriel Valley, San Diego, Los Angeles and Emeryville, California, and in Clayton, North Carolina.

Support in 2023

150 volunteers

1,246 beneficiaries

875+ hours

USD 200,000



Grifols partners with United Service Organizations (USO), a national non-profit that works to keep U.S. military service members connected to their home environments during their service. The partnership helps build ties between Grifols employees and local USO affiliates.

Support in 2023

60+ volunteers

250+ hours

USD 150,000


Grifols employees volunteer at various events organized by the El Sereno Bicentennial Committee by participating in food drives, commemorative events and programs aimed at senior residents.

Support in 2023

25,000 beneficiaries

USD 20,000


Through this initiative, Grifols provides food and support services to roughly 1,000 people, including unhoused veterans and other at-risk individuals.

Support in 2023

1,000 beneficiaries

USD 13,750

Activities carried out at donor centers


Participating donor centers


Employee participation


Numbers of community hours


“Plasma Possibilities” program

This initiative offers plasma donors the chance to partially or totally contribute their donor remuneration to a participating charity organization.

Since its launch in 2017, the program has raised more than USD 100,000 for U.S.-based charitable organizations thanks to the generosity of 30,000-plus plasma donors.

3 Education

Grifols promotes science and STEM capabilities among its educational priorities.



Grifols promotes STEM education by financing National Medical Fellowships scholarships for medical studies for at-risk young people, as well as by offering financial support for nursing students in collaboration with Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science.

Support in 2023

USD 50,000



This program fosters engagement between STEM professionals and collectives of women, elementary school students and African American children to spark a love for science and encouraging them to consider advancing their education in a STEM field.

Support in 2023

15,000 beneficiaries

USD 13,750


Grifols aims to spark a passion for science and create opportunities for young people by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM education through its collaboration with this institution. The company has provided resources to offer activities in San Diego-area schools to help African American and Indigenous American students access STEM careers.

Support in 2023

1,377 beneficiaries

USD 7,500


Sponsored by the U.S. government, international governments and private-sector companies, Fulbright grants are offered to recent college graduates interested in earning doctoral or master’s degrees at U.S. universities. Grifols has collaborated with the prestigious Fulbright program since 2013.

Support in 2023

EUR 25,000


The Smith Family is a charity organization dedicated to promoting early-childhood education and alleviating educational inequality stemming from poverty. Grifols support the Learning and Mentoring program, which encourages disadvantaged young people to build aspirations for the future and complete their tertiary education.

Support in 2023

AUD 15,000


This program offers after-school STEM programs for girls from economically disadvantaged communities, as well as opportunities for interaction with professional women in STEM to spark their passion for this field.

Support in 2023

800 beneficiaries

USD 20,000

Annual school supplies drive

Grifols aspires to support young students by collecting and donating school supplies to local schools in the U.S. and Germany. In 2023, the company donated over USD 69,000 worth of school supplies to support 80 local schools.

4 Environment

Grifols aspires to raise awareness of the vital need to fight against climate change and build knowledge of the natural environment and its rich biodiversity.



This organization promotes healthier communities by creating parks and green spaces. Grifols employees and donors volunteered their time to refurbish the El Sereno Arroyo playground and other park clean-ups and rebuilding projects, benefitting 1,600 people.

Support in 2023

1,600 beneficiaries

88+ hours

USD 50,000


North East Tress promotes the design of nature zones and the restoration of natural habitats to mitigate environmental injustice and its impact on poor communities. In 2023, Grifols supported the Youth Environmental Leadership program, which offers vocational and job training and other services to disadvantaged young people between the ages of 16 and 26.

Support in 2023

USD 5,000


Grifols welcomed employees and their families on a nature walk through a centuries-old forest in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park to promote knowledge of the natural environment and its biodiversity.

Support in 2023

287 participants


Triangle Land Conservancy is dedicated to improving the environmental health of the Clayton, North Carolina area. Grifols sponsored the “Pathways Into Natural Environments and Science” scholarship, enabling 10 students to explore career opportunities in conservation and environmental science.

Support in 2023

USD 10,000


Grifols employees volunteered in the “I Love a Clean San Diego” program to help in the clean-up of San Dieguito County Park and San Dieguito Groundwater Basin, which drains into the Pacific Ocean.

Support in 2023

USD 15,000

Grifols employees help protect the environment

To celebrate World Environment Day, 50 Haema employees in Germany donated EUR 5,000 to the Ecken Wecken Foundation, sponsored trees near the company’s headquarters in Leipzig (Germany) and planted flowers to enrich the area’s biodiversity. These actions came about thanks to a Grifols employee in Germany, who promoted and presented the initiative to Social Impact Committee.


Supporting women in sport

Grifols has been a UEFA sponsor of women’s soccer since the 2021-22 season and will continue until the completion of competitions in 2025. Grifols stands out as the only healthcare company to sponsor UEFA women’s soccer at all levels of competition, including the UEFA Women’s Champions League, UEFA Women’s Euro, Sub 19 and Sub 17 Women’s European Championship, Women’s European Indoor Football Championship, and the campaign “Together #WePlayStrong”.

On a local level, Grifols has sponsored the Cotillas CD (Murcia) women’s soccer team since 2023, which in its first year already attracted more than 50 players.

The company also collaborates with Mollet Hoquei Club in Barcelona to promote women’s field hockey.

Through these sponsorships, Grifols is extending its support for women’s sports competitions and its commitment to gender equality, at a time when women’s soccer and other sports are becoming more popular throughout Europe, attracting new players and fans.

Grifols, new patron of the Joan Miró Foundation

In 2023, Grifols became a patron of the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona. Under this collaboration agreement, Grifols will contribute to the conservation, research and dissemination of Joan Miró’s work, while supporting the Foundation’s mission to bring contemporary art closer to society.

Initiatives through foundations and NGOs

Probitas Foundation: improving the health of the most vulnerable populations

Fundación Probitas was created in 2008 to improve the health and well-being, and equality to opportunities for people in vulnerable situations. In Spain, it works with local communities to improve the nutrition and emotional well-being of at-risk youth. On a global level, the foundation focuses on improving public health systems in low-income countries, leveraging Grifols’ expertise in medical care and clinical diagnostics. The Probitas Foundation receives an annual allocation of 0.7% of Grifols corporate profits.

The foundation partners with social and health organizations to jointly design projects that advance social progress by pooling knowledge, skills and resources. In this way, it broadens its impact by harnessing the collective expertise of diverse entities and the technical knowhow of Probitas multidisciplinary team.

Probitas programs strive to have a positive multiplier effect by ensuring projects have a long-lasting and sustainable impact and replicability through partnerships with social action and health entities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities and research centers.

Fundación Probitas programs promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those dedicated to the fight against poverty, ensuring quality health and education, and advancing gender equality.

International program

The foundation spearheads efforts to help populations living in remote regions of the world with scarce medical resources and practically non-existent healthcare systems. In these areas, diseases represent a serious public health problem, causing immense human suffering, stigmatization, and high morbidity and mortality rates.

International projects are co-developed in each country with local entities and health authorities in primary healthcare contexts. These efforts also include community-engagement actions and medical training programs for healthcare personnel to promote health care as a priority.

Main projects and milestones in 2023:

Efforts to address neglected tropical diseases

In the field of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), Probitas has allocated EUR 850,000 to support six biannual projects in remote areas of Bolivia, Peru, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone.

With more than 43,000 beneficiaries to date, these projects advance SDG 3.3, aimed at reducing the prevalence of NTDs, which affect more than 1,000 million people and fuel the cycle of poverty in the world’s most marginalized regions.

Support for clinical diagnostic labs

Probitas improves access to health care by renovating and equipping diagnostic laboratories in remote regions, providing training for healthcare professions, and raising awareness on common health-related problems. In 2023, renovations were completed on five clinical labs in Paraguay, Côte d’Ivoire and Ethiopia, benefitting more than 100,000 people.

Development of laboratory management software

Probitas collaborated with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya to develop the ARIS software system, designed to manage patients, analytics and lab tests. The program will be freely downloadable from the Probitas website, and laboratories can configure it in their language and customize it very easily without the need for computer knowledge.

Local program

Grifols supports several health and social outreach programs in local communities to promote the development of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations and/or at risk of social exclusion. These health education offerings, socio-educational support, assistance to cover basic needs such as food, and the development of professional abilities in the realms of health and education.

Local projects are developed through a network of agents from distinct entities: social organisms, schools, high schools, public administrations and families.

Over 10,000 young people from 54 municipalities benefitted from these programs in the 2022-23 academic year.

Main projects and milestones in 2023:

Expansion of the “Dinem Junts” program

The “Dinem Junts” (Let’s eat) program was launched in Catalunya, Spain in 2014, welcoming 450 high school students every year. In 2023, the program was expanded to the southern province of Huelva in the El Torrejon de Huelva neighborhood, affected by high rates of poverty and social turmoil. In collaboration with a local organization and the Huelva City Hall’s social services department, Probitas developed a social-educational support program for 25 students from a high-complexity high school. Students access healthy and well-balanced meals, and receive guidance from qualified professionals on healthy eating habits.

Healthy Program: highlighting the role of school nurses

In addition to providing healthcare services, school nurses in the Healthy Program offer educational workshops on healthy lifestyle habits for students, families and school professionals (teachers, after-school leaders, lunchroom monitors and others).

For the second year running, the Healthy Program garnered very positive feedback, leading to a 9% reduction in obesity rates among 197 students in the El Cabañal neighborhood in Valencia.

Innovative program for at-risk children

Amid the growing mental health crisis among young people, a new canine interaction educational program, “Potes amigues” was launched with the participation of 100 children and adolescents from at-risk environments. While forming deep bonds with the dogs, participants acquire new behaviors and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

Taking care of teachers

Probitas “Professionals in Mind” program promotes the continuous education and development of professionals in the social, health and educational fields. Sessions teach mindset techniques to help participants improve their response capacity and empathy to better navigate emotionally charged situations with adolescents.

Mental health training was also imparted for educators to increase their knowledge of this dynamic with children and strategies to address it.

Víctor Grifols i Lucas Foundation: bioethics as a principle

The Víctor Grifols i Lucas Foundation was created in 1998 to spotlight the importance of bioethics and encourage dialogue among specialists from different areas of knowledge. The Foundation aims to promote bioethics among organizations, companies and individuals that operate in the healthcare space. To this end, it offers a unique forum for debate, discussion and diverse perspectives on all issues related to ethics, science and health care.

Publications and articles

During 2023, the Foundation has published the following:

  • “Artificial Intelligence and Health”
  • “Bioethics and Public Health Law”
  • “Old Age, Society and Public Health”
  • “Bioethics, A Look Into the Future”
  • “Care and Ethics of Care: Needs and Evidence for Research and Progress”

The foundation also collaborates with publishing houses for the dissemination of high-impact books and manuals on bioethics.

More information on the Foundations and its publications.


Every year, the Foundation awards prizes and research grants to promote the study and dissemination of bioethics. In 2023, it awarded six grants for research projects in bioethics, an audiovisual prize, three prizes for research by high school students, and three prizes for educational centers.

A forum for debate

The Foundation organizes conferences and expert panels to disseminate and delve into the most critical ethical issues of scientific and social interest. This year, these gatherings explored euthanasia, the medicalization of life stages, plasma donation and the ethics of care, among other issues.


Advancing the study of bioethics in the education sector is among the Foundation’s core objectives. In 2023, it organized film and debate sessions for high school students and participated in the Barcelona International Young Scientific Challenge and Barcelona Science Park research fair.

Institutional collaborations

The Foundation offers ethical advice to other institutions and collaborates with several entities in organizing activities. Its regular collaborators include the Spanish Society of Public Health and Health Administration, Mémora Foundation, Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and Friends of UNESCO-Barcelona.

Workshops, conferences and seminars




Edited publications




Research grants awarded


José Antonio Grifols Lucas Foundation: supporting donor communities

Created in 2008, the José Antonio Grifols Lucas Foundation aspires to enhance the health and wellbeing of plasma donors and the communities where they live. These efforts raise awareness of the importance of plasma, recognize the generosity of donors and generate a positive ripple effect in donor communities.

These social action initiatives are linked to Grifols’ business strategy and commercial activity, and they reflect their commitment to this essential stakeholder group.

The Foundation’s activity is currently focused in the United States, although might expand to other countries in the future.

Grants, awards and scholarships

The Foundation’s board of directors includes patients, donors and Grifols representatives who meet regularly to approve activities, and community enhancement grants. In 2023, the board approved 16 grants totaling over USD 350,000 to support local organizations that offer civic, social or educational programs for young people and vulnerable populations.

Donation centers’ employees also voluntarily promote the foundation’s initiatives and participate in its programs.

Support for local


Community investment

350,000 USD

National Organization
for Rare Disorders

112,000 USD

New agreement with the National Organization for Rare Disorders

Support in 2023
75 contributions
USD 112,000

In 2023, Grifols launched a pilot program in two of its donation centers to help plasma donors with critical or essential (non-medical) financial assistance. The program is funded by the J.A. Grifols Foundation and managed by the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

For more information, see the “Local development” section.

For more information and details on the foundation’s activity.

Development programs in donor communities

Southeastern Massachusetts
SER-Jobs for Progress

Grifols Biomat support this employment-support initiative, which provides basic education, training, job placement and other support services to improve the socio-economic status of socio-economically disadvantaged people. Grifols’ donation allowed the organization to offer English classes for those in need of improving their fluency.

Support in 2023

USD 25,000

College Mentors for Kids

This organization connects children with college students. In 2023, several Indianapolis-area (IN) schools attended the national College Mentors for Kids training meeting. The Grifols team participated in the “Activity in Action” session, providing an overview on the company’s role in the healthcare sector for 40 students.

Support in 2023

USD 30,000

40 beneficiaries

Food Bank Rio Grande Valle

Through the Texas Plasma Donation Center, Grifols made a USD 25,000 donation to the Rio Grande Valley Food Bank, which serves families in the cities of Cameron and Hidalgo.

Support in 2023

USD 25,000

10,850 meals

1,736 beneficiaries

School Fuel, Weekend
Food Program

Grifols’ plasma center in San Marcos (TX) provided meals for roughly 100 children through its USD 25,000 donation to School Fuel, a weekend meal program. In its third collaboration with this non-profit organization, Grifols has helped 200 students in total over the years.

Support in 2023

USD 25,000

200 beneficiaries

Bags of Love

Grifols’ Eugene, Oregon donor center contributed USD 25,000 to Bags of Love, an organization that offers basic necessities to children in situations of abandonment, catastrophe, abuse, poverty or houselessness. The donation went toward to the organization’s “Fill In the Gaps” program, which provides bags of clothing, outerwear, toiletries, school supplies, books, toys and a handmade wool quilt or blanket.

Support in 2023

USD 25,000

Moma Tina’s Mission House y Wiregrass Area Food

Grifols’ Dothan (AL) plasma donation center raised USD 15,000 for Moma Tina’s Mission House, used to renovate its kitchen area, and USD 25,000 for Wiregrass Area Food Bank, which provided 217,014 meals for economically disadvantaged people in Alabama.

Support in 2023

USD 40,000

217,014 meals

1 kitchen renovation

More information on the J.A. Grifols Foundation.

Other initiatives

Health and well-being
Promise Community Homes

USD 25,000 donation to the HOMES (Housing Optimizing Medical and Emotional Safety) project to finance the maintenance and accessibility of Promise Community homes in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area. The program benefits 300 adults with intellectual disabilities.

Health and well-being
Community Connection Center

USD 25,000 donation to fund this comprehensive social services center in Vermillion, South Dakota, dedicated to providing food, diapers, hygiene products, emergency financial assistance and school supplies to economically disadvantaged people.

Free 2 Teach

USD 20,000 donation for resources for students and teachers in Madison County, Iowa. Founded in 2013, this organization provides school supplies free of charge to improve students’ educational experience and strengthen the community’s future workforce.

Books Between Kids

USD 25,000 donation for at-risk children in the Houston, Texas areas, providing them with books to create their own at-home libraries. The donation supports its three major projects: Book Celebrations, Community Partners and Book A Month.

Imperial Valley Food Bank

This Texas organization provides food and services to 25,000 low-income individuals. The USD 20,000 contributed has funded the purchase and distribution of food, including the food program for seniors and weekend backpacks for students.

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank

USD 20,000 donation allocated toward personnel management and the purchase, transport and distribution of food in El Paso, in eastern Texas.